Due to the subtle combination of visual appearance and highly developed technical adjustment, light and spirit merge into a new era and an unique quality of living.
Quality has top priority for us during the production process in our factory, located in Hamburg. Each convertable material is being examined very carefully regarding its eligibility for covering lamellaes. In agreemenet with the customer we then manufacture the product with very careful and accurate handcraft. Regarding the handling of the blinds you can choose between either pull cable, break crank or alternatively an electronic motor. In case requested, we can deliver a cornering grip for pendular safety aswell. Aesthetic details such as size, colour of decorative stitching and the design and structure of the textile turn each LINEA into an unique product.
The long lasting business relationships we are already entertaining with well-known business customers as well as private clients made us concentrate especially on individual preferences and their corresponding fulfillment and realization.
Very interested in creative challenges we will be pleased to give professional advice to you, too.
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